Saturday, June 28, 2014

Adalyn: 13 Months

We spent most of Adalyn's 13th month in the United States, visiting family and friends.  This was a big month for Adi, not only did you take 11 flights, through 12 time zones, she started WALKING!  We officially have a mobile toddler.  She took her first steps at her Aunt Sandy's in Michigan and there's been no stopping her since.  She was a great traveler and really did well despite having her first ever flu/Asian plague.  She played with her grandparents, cousins, great grandma and aunts and uncles in Michigan.  Hung out with her aunt Jamie and uncle Brian in Texas and played with her auntie Jo Jo, uncle Al and Inayat in North Carolina.  It was a big month for our sweet girl.  Here are a few pictures and some videos.  Enjoy!
Look at all those teeth!

With her Great Grand and Momma
Adi's new daddy seat!
As you can see, she is very comfortable
Here she comes!
and she is so proud of herself!

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