Monday, July 29, 2013

Adalyn's 2 Month Update

It's hard for both of us to believe that Adalyn is already two months old.  I think we've been living in a time warp.  On one hand, it seems like we just had her yesterday and on the other hand, it feels like she has been a part of our lives forever.  We have had a very busy month, Aunt Jo and Uncle Alasdair spent the last four weeks with us.  It was great to have them here and Adalyn enjoyed meeting and cuddling with family, other than her parents. 

Adalyn is growing well.  She gained a little over 2 lbs last months and now weighs 9lbs 8oz.  She is still a long skinny baby but is eating up a storm and we can see where little chubby rolls are forming.  She is still a great sleeper waking a few nights per week for a quick feed and cuddle and then back to sleep.  We can't complain at all! 

Adi has found her smile and likes to join in to our conversations, often cooing at us when we talk to her.  She loves going for walks in the botanical gardens and is pretty happy in her favorite bouncy chair, which we have nicknamed the dookie chair.  It does the trick almost 90% of the time.  She still loves bath time with her daddy and her pool debut is coming soon.  She has had a few play dates this month with her friends.  Her first best friend, Ellie moved back to New Zealand and her newest friend, Amelie was born this month.  Adi also toured National Instruments to see where her daddy works and visited her first hawker center.  She's a social little baby.

We are looking forward to this month's milestones and spending time as a family of three. Enjoy our pictures!

Adalyn with her Aunt Jo and Uncle Al
Look at that smile!! So precious!
A little engineer in the making.
Daddy teaching Adi how to use chop sticks
Adi in her magic chair
Play time with Henry and Ellie and coffee time for the mommas
Supporting her favorite rugby team...thanks Uncle Leon
Those eyelashes...
Story time with Uncle Al
Auntie Jo
Adalyn says, "Cuddles with daddy are the best!"
Happy Happy Baby!