Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Baby Showers

Over the last month and a half, I have been showered with baby gifts and parties for our little one.  I have had three separate baby showers, thrown by wonderful friends here in Penang.  It has taken me almost a month to write this post, as the outpouring of love and support for the little life that I'm growing has been simply overwhelming.  I'm really at a loss for words for the generosity, kindness, compassion and love that has been shown to Eric and I and for our little girl.  I am also blown away by how many people truly care for us and without family obligation or having known us for an extended amount of time. It's humbling, really. 

I feel extremely blessed to be pregnant in Penang and to be bringing a new life to this wonderful community.  Everyone here is far from home and far from family, but have managed to make me feel like this tropical island is the most welcoming and warm place to have our baby.  I am excited to share this experience with so many friends and new "aunties" as well as our family and friends back home.  I do know one thing for sure, our baby girl is loved internationally and she hasn't even arrived yet.  What a great way to enter the world! 

Here are some pictures of the showers.  Enjoy them.  To everyone who partook in my special days, THANK YOU!!

The NI Ladies:  Paulette and Tica threw me a great shower, where the ladies contributed to help buy our crib!  Everyone also made personalized onesizes and we shared a great little lunch!

The Dalat Swim Team:  My wonderful friends Heather Johnson, Debbie Mayo and Elizabeth Graves organized a shower and invited all of my swimmers and their families to celebrate our baby.  It was a fun event where the kids joined us after school and enjoyed one of the most unique cakes ever!
Seriously, how cute is that cake?? It's perfect for a swim coach!

The Aunties: Our child will have an abundance of "aunties" in Penang.  Yasmine and Nikki threw me a fabulous shower, full of fun games, arts and crafts, a gorgeous cake and lots of special gifts.  Many of the ladies bought little Awas and I a newborn and baby photo session, which I am so looking forward to having!  I had a wonderful morning and really felt the love from my friends. 
Mia, Lou, Me & Nikki. Mia & Lou flew in from Singapore to celebrate with us!
A few of Awas' "aunties"
Thanks to Paulette, baby girl has her nickname ready to go on a onesize.
A beautiful handmade blanket from Shami!
Another Super Cute Cake!  And it tasted DELICIOUS!

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  1. You're looking great, Jen! The parties look like they were a ton of fun. Wishing you and Eric all the best from Kansas!