Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swanky Pangkor Laut

Upon our return from Laos, we realized that the next weekend was another long weekend thanks to Chinese New Year.  Where to go, where to go.... Flights were pretty expensive and I wasn't in much of a mood to just go somewhere to go somewhere, especially after how amazing our last trip was.  Despite my reluctance to hop on another flight, we did manage to get out of town for a few nights via car and boat to the secluded and private Pangkor Laut Resort. We booked two nights three days at this ultra swanky resort under the residence package, that we qualify for as expats, taking advantage of the great all inclusive prices. On our drive down to Pangkor, we received a phone call from the resort letting us know that we were upgraded to the "quieter and more private" sea villas that are perched on stilts over the ocean. We may have mentioned that I am pregnant on our reservation and climbing stairs was not a great option, but never did I expect to get upgraded to a villa on stilts.  It was awesome!
 From the moment we arrived at the resort we were treated like royalty.  I'm not sure if it was because I am pregnant or because we are residents, but we were given upgrades, discounts at the spa, private dining and told by the resort manager to email her when we come back and they will upgrade us again!  Wow, I hope I didn't blow all of our upgrade karma for the future, but this weekend was pretty good.
The view from our bathtub...and yes, we used it
Our private balcony, where we had morning tea and happy hour
Enjoying a beautiful rainstorm followed by a rainbow
Not only did we spend a lot of time in our villa, we enjoyed the private spa pool, the great beach and the luxurious spa.  Generally, we are not ones to splurge on expensive spa treatments at resorts, but after several friends recommended a treatment and the resort threw in some discounts, we decided to ring in the Year of the Snake with a nice massage.  I enjoyed an amazing pregnancy massage, while Eric had a traditional Balinese massage.  The spa at Pangkor Laut has won numerous awards including the Best Spa in Malaysia.  It was, by far, the nicest spa experience I had ever had.  Well worth the extra money that we spent on it and a great way to pamper yourself. Highly recommended.
Eric post massage, looking all relaxed and happy
One of the many resident hornbills that call the resort home
We enjoyed our short stay so much that we tried to extend another night.  It was quiet, relaxing and so nice that we did not want to leave.  Unfortunately, the resort was full, so we will have to make another trip back to this fabulous resort!


  1. Beautiful! Glad you got some pampering during pregnancy! Jeremiah and I have decided that we would like to go here during our visit next year, so you guys should at least plan on returning in about a year or so :-)

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your website whilst googeling bikram yoga in Penang. Does your friend still teaches bikram yoga? Good blog you have by the way and congratulations on your pregnancy!

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      You can email Meridith Chicklis at to find out more about her yoga classes. I hope that helps!

      Take care,

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