Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finish One Year Already

Has it been one year already? Really?  One year since we left Austin, our family and friends for this great adventure in Penang?  Where has the time gone?

Our time here has gone by so fast, like a blink of an eye.  One year is gone.  Wow!  At least one more year to go!  There is so much left for us to see and do here.  I feel like we have just settled from the move and Penang is feeling more and more like home.  We are on to year number two! 


  1. We just celebrated one year last weekend. I ditto all your thoughts.

  2. I miss you a lot. But you are doing this all 100% the right way!! I will just keep living vicariously through you! Take care, Ed

    1. I miss you too Ed! Hope all is well with the family! We are planning a trip back to Austin in September. I'll send you an email once we have our dates figured out. Hope to see you soon!!