Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why I Coach

Last week was my last week coaching swimming until next September.  It has been a great couple of months and I have enjoyed watching and teaching the 40 swimmers on my team grow and get a lot better!  We wrapped up the season at the MSSPP, Penang's State School Swim Meet, a 3 day meet where many of our swimmers did very well.  We walked away with 20 medals and many of the kids improved on their personal best times. 

I spent all 3 days at the meet coaching, encouraging and sweating!  It was a lot of fun and I think I earned some "street cred" with some of the local coaches.  I am one of two women coaches on the island (the other woman is from China) and our team did really well.  Two of the state's top swimmers go to Dalat and even if I don't coach them, they still go to the school where I'm the coach! 

 We wrapped up our season with a pool party (of course), awards and lots of delicious food!  The kids had their first ever proper polo game and I set up a cannonball competition.  It was a ton of fun. 

After I got home that night, I received an email from two of my swimmers thanking me for being their coach:

Dear Coach Jenn,
Thank you so much for coaching us over this season. Whenever we finish a race, you will always encourage us and say "great job!" Just saying those few encouraging words builds up our courage and determination. We feel more and more confident everytime you encourage us. We thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Because of your great love towards us, we achieved a great result and overcome our best times! I always remember the smile on your face and when I think of it, I never got nervous. Not only did you train us, you also encouraged us and leads us to success. My parents said you are an angel sent down from Heaven! And we all agree!
From your students

And that is why I Coach


  1. Wow, well done Jenn! Fabulous feedback and sounds like it was well deserved :-)