Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yoga Wednesdays

It's not a big secret if you know me, I love yoga!  Since I cracked my hip about 5 and a half years ago, when Fling, the horse, flung me out of the saddle over a jump, I've been practicing.  My yoga practice has grown and changed over the years but has always supported me where I'm at.  So now here I am in Penang, with lots of time for yoga.  Unfortunately, I haven't found too many yoga studios here that have classes at times that work for my schedule and my body.  I have been using YogaGlo.com almost daily and I love it!  I can chose the type of class I want and the duration.  If I feel like a 15 minute stretch or a 120 minute sweat-a-thon I can find it there. 

Despite my love for Yoga Glo, I've missed the community, kula, of being in a class.  Well just as the universe would have it, about the same time all of us NIer's moved to Penang, so did Meredith and her family.  Meredith is a yoga teacher and mother from New Hampshire.  Once I heard this I was so excited!  I couldn't wait for us to organize a class and practice.  Meredith teaches Bikram Yoga, which is generally practiced in a hot room, 105F and the same sequence of poses are done at each class.  Back in Austin, I attended one "hot yoga" class and thought I was going to die.  I left that class feeling weak and sore and swore that this type of yoga was not for me. 

Well, Bikram Penang style is fabulous!  We have traded in the heated room for an outdoor patio overlooking the ocean.  It's awesome!  The class is challenging and I sweat like crazy.  My legs are sore but my body feels strong.  We get to listen to birds singing and the waves crashing on the shore in savasana.  Today was our second class and I am so grateful to have found a kula to practice with here.  I will continue doing my regular yoga practice at home but I am really enjoying the newness of Bikram!


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  1. Hi Jenn- I randomly came across your blog while looking for a Bikram studio in Penang :) When does this group practice? I will be in Penang next week and would love to join in!