Thursday, July 21, 2011

The First Supper

Eric and I realized that we have been eating out and traveling for over 3 weeks.  You can imagine what that does to your system, so I will spare all of the details.  We had been dying to cook dinner and had a basic speghetti dinner planed as our first dinner.  As luck would have it, our gas canister was making a hissing sound when we plugged it in.  Neither of us felt very confident about cooking if we had a gas leak and definitly didn't want to be responsible for blowing up our condo.  Eric looked at me and asked, "do you want to go out?"  I quickly opened up the freezer and pulled out the frozen pizza we had bought earlier and said how's this.

We fired up the Electrolux oven and off we went.  Our fine and frozen pepperoni pizza was paired with a homemade fig balsamic dressing over romaine greens.  Fancy, I know. 

Eric was quick to point out that we are making a tradition of eating pizza as our first meal in our new home.  When we moved into our Wavecrest House, we sat in the garage with the worst looking Domino's pizza and Tecate.  See below.

Compare this to our first Malaysian frozen pizza experience and our first supper in the new house...

We have definitely upgraded!

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